Information Services Overview

The primary goal of our Information Services activity, as part of a national network, is to increase and support the independence, productivity, integration, and inclusion of people with developmental disabilities into supportive communities.

A significant component in the replication and implementation of innovative training and service programs is the dissemination of effective practices derived from these same programs. From the inception of any project, we build in the means for effective dissemination of the findings and products beyond the end of the contract or grant agreement.

Additional Resources

Our products are developed and disseminated through channels such as our mailing lists and this website. These products reflect state-of-the-art practices and philosophical tenets and are adapted to the technical level of the audience. A wide array of media is under development for current and future dissemination (e.g., print, audiovisual, presentations, newsletters). We are committed to developing products that are written in easily understood language for consumers as well as professionals.

Specific objectives of Information Services are:

  • To expand resources to adapt research and training materials targeted to professional audiences, as well as family and consumer audiences.
  • To develop and disseminate fact sheets and brochures on specific topics from our research and areas of interest.
  • To publish research in scholarly journals.
  • To expand and maintain the website for the development and publication of project reports and project-related information, training and education modules, as well as coursework for pre-service education of university students.
  • To provide quality training activities for school districts, agencies, and non-profit organizations across Texas.
  • To participate in conferences at local, state, and the national levels to share information on best practices, research, and other Texas Center for Disability Studies activities.