The Family Resource Guide: “Understanding Family Support and Opening Doors to the Future”

“Children with disabilities, like all children, are an incredible blessing that bring parents and families much joy and happiness. Having a child with disabilities, however, often causes families to change directions, to travel different roads, to learn new skills, and to redefine priorities. The roads they travel, and the people they meet as a result of having a child with disabilities, often help families realize what is really important in life and helps keep things in perspective. For parents of children with disabilities, a crisis is re-defined; families learn quickly not to “sweat the small stuff.” The lessons learned from our children with disabilities are lessons that no one else could teach. The lives of parents and families raising children with disabilities are forever changed, and the changes are mostly good.”

Additional Resources

The Texas Center for Disability Studies developed a resource guide for parents of children living in institutions in Texas, or children at extreme risk of placement.  The guide, produced in Spanish as well as English, is available to families as well as agencies and organizations who provide information or services to families seeking placement for their children. Information found in the guide includes: permanency planning, importance of living in a family, services and supports available in the community, how to navigate the service system, and agency and support services contact information.

For more information, contact Steve Thomas at the Texas Center for Disabilities Studies.